Hi, I'm Angela but I go by Angie also! First and foremost even though this is a multi-fandom blog, I tend to post A LOT of Zayn Malik and Liam Payne because I love and support Ziam. But I do post 1D, Sleepy Hollow, The Walking Dead, Teen Wolf, Orphan Black, and a ton more stuff that I'm way too lazy to type out lol. If you're looking for specifics, just check out my tags above!

Don't look back, live your life, even if it's only for tonight
Live. Laugh. Love.

@zaynmalik: loving you is painful all i want is you x love you always.

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Credit to 'I like your skirt Mary' for creating these!!

Part 1 - Timeline, Analysis, and Proof

Part 2 - Timeline, Analysis, and Proof

Part 3 - But…Girlfriends, etc.

Part 4 - But…Tattoos and Engagement

Side Chapter - Jealousy 1

Part 5 - Jan thru May 2014

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@_5SOSNEWS_: If I meet 5SOS again I need to touch luke’s legs, michael’s hair, ashton’s fingers, and calum’s d**k

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can we talk about ziam being gentle


i mean


look at zayn’s hand, his pinky is touching liam’s arm so softly?????


and then again look at their hands

was it necessary

is ziam necessary

(credits to yziam for the gifs)

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